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The Team

Kai and Ashli are married and make art together. Kai is an illustrator and is the mastermind behind Profanity Bugs; she's a pretty swell gal. She works by day in production and project management at a screen printing shop and by night... she trips over cats. Meanwhile, Ashli is having a mid-life art identity shift. She's learning several handicrafts with the help and support of The Horde of companion animals (that Kai is tripping over).

In 2018, we officially started making things together as and opened our business as Cleave. We attend conventions, pop-ups, farmer's markets, and art fairs. We will happily talk to you about our cats or dogs, but no more animals are allowed into our house. You've got to draw the line somewhere...

The Team

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Ashli Aaron


Ashli has a BFA in Photography from the University of Memphis, but her focus has shifted to embroidery and fiber art.

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Furry Bunch

Very Important Studio Assistants

Really good at being under foot, zippity zooming, and keeping up morale.

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Kai Aaron


Kai has a BFA in Illustration from Memphis College of Art. She loves drawing animals and griping about the number of cats she lives with.

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